Julie became my #1 nutrition inspiration as she transformed from someone who could and would eat everything to someone who pays informed attention to doing the best for her body. Years ago I started a foodie group with friends so that we could educate and motivate each other. I regularly look to Julie for ideas to take to my friends. Her excitement about finding a new delicious, healthy, and easy recipe is contagious! When I learn of something interesting or concerning, Julie is the one I call to investigate further.


I just wanted to share a quick note and let Julie know that she has inspired us to eat right. Her recipes and tips are super useful and always perfect. She has given us an awareness about types of food we would never have had without her expertise. She has literally changed our lives; she taught us how to eat healthy and clean foods. Thank you so much, Julie for always being there anytime we had questions. She is the best!


Often when I tell people that my wife is studying nutrition, they say “Oh bummer. Is she making you eat all sorts of weird stuff?” And I laugh and tell them it’s actually pretty awesome! She always makes sure that our food tastes great. She is doing such a great job at putting together simple, healthy, but delicious and nourishing meals. I even ask her to make me some healthy homemade snacks when I travel. I miss her cooking when I’m out of town! My body craves that stuff now.