Health and Nutrition Coaching. Revamp your life to get healthier and happier. Life is yummy!


Hire me if…

  • You want to lose weight but just haven’t found something that has worked yet. I’ll help you reach your goal and keep the weight off.
  • You want to learn how to cook healthy food for yourself and/or your family, to reduce risks of future disease/illness.
  • Your child is heading off to college or moving out and you want them to learn how to cook some healthy meals and snacks. I can teach them!
  • You are pregnant, breastfeeding, or raising a toddler and want your child’s diet to be full of good nutrition, which can set them up for a healthy future.
  • You need a math tutor for G3 to 8. I used to teach and tutor middle school math! And I spent 11 years writing and editing math books and courses, so I am a Common Core expert!

Want to get happy and healthy? Let me help you! Send me a message here.