Dude. I’m obsessed.

I can’t stop eating arugula salads. They are SO DAMN GOOD. And easy and cheap and delicious! I think I’ve eaten an arugula salad every day in a row for the past two weeks except for those two days we were partying in Baltimore.

Just combine all this stuff in a bowl! There are plenty of ways to change it up so you don’t get bored. Choose your own adventure.

Julie’s Obsessive Arugula Salad

by Sweet Leda Wellness


  • a package of arugula
  • a fruit. Diced mango works GREAT. Or sliced peaches or blueberries. Play around with it!
  • diced onion. Try red onion or scallions!
  • a protein. Try pumpkin seeds and pecans, or add some beans. Or baked cod. Or organic grilled chicken. But! Many of us eat a lot of meat so I challenge you to go with some non-meat proteins for this one. Try cooked quinoa! Tip: make some quinoa on Sunday and use it in lots of stuff throughout the week.
  • You really don’t need much of a dressing if you’re using a delicious in-your-face fruit like mango. But I like to toss on some extra-virgin olive oil and ume plum vinegar (sooooo good for your digestive system!) But you could also try oil and balsamic vinegar, or oil and fresh-squeezed lemon or orange juice. Tip: it’s really hard to find ume plum vinegar but I highly suggest just buying a bottle and using it as dressing. Like, often. Order it from amazon or Thrive Market. It’s very salty so when I use it, I don’t use salt.

Annnnnd done! Make a few separate salads and store them in the fridge. I would normally say keep the dressing separate and don’t add it until you’re ready to eat it. But arugula is tough! It can handle a little dressing without becoming soggy.

Boom. Party in your mouth. The ingredients are flexible. Try it out!

Why arugula?

Just cuz it’s different! Spinach is great but don’t we eat tons of it already? And I of course love kale but chances are, I already ate kale today. I just wanted to change things up. So gimme something different. Arugula fights cancer and heart disease. It’s good for your brain so you’ll be extra smart when you eat it. Greens are such superheroes! But also…as I mentioned before, arugula does a great job of not becoming soggy after you put dressing on it. Thanks, arugula!

But…I like spinach and don’t love arugula. Can I just use spinach in this salad instead? Sure! Absolutely. Just be sure to eat your greens every day!

Man, I love salads. You only need one or two rockstar ingredients to make it exciting. And you just need to do a little bit of prep. Grill a bunch of fish and shrimp. Cook some quinoa. Buy some greens, fruit, and a couple avocados. On Monday, do a green with quinoa, chicken, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, and balsamic vinegar. On Tuesday, do a green with fish, mango, and an avocado. While preparing the salad, cook some lentils. It only takes about 15-20 minutes! Try French lentils if you can find them. On Wednesday, do a green with lentils, peaches, and slivered almonds. Toss on a few goji berries! A little bit of prep and planning can go a looooong way.

Next time, try something totally different like olive, tomato, balsamic, and a little mozzarella. Just go crazy! If you discover some really cool combos, please leave a comment and let me know!

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