Treats! We need them. And damnit, we deserve them! Some thoughts on how to treat ourselves without feeling guilty after:

  • The other day I said “I want cookies, damnit.” I went to Wegmans. Instead of buying a whole container of them, I just bought two. Two cookies is SO much better than a whole container! And once I buy the container, I don’t wanna waste them. So then I eat them all. And then I yell at myself. Then I feel disappointed in myself and want more cookies. It’s a vicious cycle!

  • Make homemade healthy treats. Instead of making a milkshake with ice cream and milk, I make it with cacao powder and frozen bananas. I make my own granola. That way, I know exactly what stuff is in there, and I can snack guilt-free! Find some recipes for healthy treats. I found a recipe for sweet potato brownies, brown rice pudding, and pumpkin custard! All of these do not require sugar. I’ve tried them all and they turned out great. Click here if you’d like the recipes. I added some notes and tips.

  • See if you can find a substitution. Addicted to chips and pretzels? Ok, so you like crunchy and salty. How about pistachios? Buy unsalted and sprinkle on your own healthy sea salt. That way, you get to control the sodium. Love sorbet or ice cream at night? Try snacking on frozen grapes and berries. Or try making your own ice cream with coconut milk and frozen bananas in a food processor.

  • I view some “treats” for what they are…poison. Instead of thinking of McDonalds as a treat, try referring to it as a poison. Cuz it is. A delicious, perfectly wrapped, mystery-meat poison.

  • When I am able to say no, I say no. Sometimes I gotta have it, omg, right now. Other times, I could take it or leave it. If you can leave it, leave it. Ever go to a party and grab a cookie off the platter cuz it’s so pretty? Then you take a bite and cry inside because it tastes like crap? Don’t finish it! Don’t waste your calories on a less-than-worthy cookie.

  • Be mindful! How many sugary treats can you have each week/month? Come up with a treat budget. Then you don’t have to feel guilty if you eat a piece of cake, as long as you stayed within your budget. See above for sweet treats that are guilt-free!

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