Plan ahead! This is VERY important when wanting to eat healthy. Before you do your food shopping, picture the week ahead. Write down the days of the week and look at your calendar. When will you be home to cook dinner? How many on-the-go foods will you need to buy and prepare? Think about healthy snacks you could eat at work. What about lunch? Breakfast? You could make a bunch of turkey burgers on Sunday, and eat them the next few days. Change it up so it doesn’t get boring. Add black beans and salsa on top on Monday, and do avocado on Tuesday.

Want to bring fruit with you to work each day? Buy some fresh berries and take the time to wash them and make a few fruit salads all at once and put them in separate containers. Much cheaper than buying packaged or pre-sliced fruit! Make a batch of granola and divide it into a few jars or tupperware thingys.

Do you have lots of space in your work fridge? Bring sandwich wraps and fresh veggies, hummus, avocados, and a thing of quinoa. Each day, make a fresh veggie wrap for lunch. Or even a partial lunch.
I remember watching my mom read the grocery store ads. She’d see what was on sale, and then use the sales to plan the meals for the week. So smart!

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