One Way to Lose Weight

One way to lose weight is to do a complete overhaul of your food/exercise routine. But who the heck has time for that? You race home from work, try to get some dinner on the table for your family, and barely have enough time to answer emails and help your kids with their homework before it is waaaaay past your bedtime. You probably don’t have time to do a complete overhaul!

So What Can I Do?

Start with one change. If you’re already putting in the time to eat breakfast each day, (pleeeeease eat breakfast. Your body needs fuel to function), then you could just change it. Maybe it wouldn’t take any additional time; you just gotta make a change. Or maybe you could change your morning/afternoon beverage. The trick? Think of something you consume often. Maybe daily. Like coffee? Alcohol? Your morning bagel or cereal? And just make it healthier. You’re only changing one thing! But since you consume that thing a lot, that one small change will make a huge difference.

Sweet! So What Could I Change?

So you’re willing to make a change!! This is GREAT! So many people are scared of change cuz we’re all so BUSY. So kudos to you for taking on this small challenge! Here are some simple ideas.

The Bread In Your Sandwich

Do you eat toast or a sandwich every day? Switch out your “wheat” bread for whole wheat. There is a difference! You want to make sure your bread is not just wheat, not just multi-grain, but WHOLE wheat, which is a whole grain. Whole grains are sooooo much more nutritious and don’t convert immediately to sugar like refined grains do. Need more info on whole grains? Just click HERE.

Switch to a Wrap or Lettuce Wrap

Instead of eating two pieces of white bread for a sandwich, use a whole wheat wrap. You could even bring a pack to work. Ordering a sandwich from the nearby deli and you’re not sure if their bread is really whole grain? You could just take your sandwich ingredients and re-organize them into your trusted healthy wrap. Or! Try lettuce wraps. If you wrap your sandwich in a big healthy vegetable, you just scored another veggie for the day. Only 10% of Americans eat enough veggies. We could all use another veggie! Low in calories but high in nutrients. Woo!

Change Your Breakfast Cereal

Do you eat cereal each morning? Check the ingredients. Are you eating a nutritious breakfast? Or is there a bunch of stuff in there that doesn’t sound familiar like “brown rice” or “oats.” You could make a big batch of whole grain cereal on Sunday and eat it all week! You could use quinoa or brown rice, coconut milk, and some other yummy things. I eat it cold! Click here to get a few healthy recipe options like Breakfast Pumpkin Custard or Brown Rice Pudding. I not only give the recipes but also some personal notes, since I’ve tried these recipes before.

Make a Change to Your Beverage (Juice, Coffee)

Think about your beverage. Do you love drinking orange juice every day? Great!! Consider swapping that out for a real orange. You will feel fuller. You not only get the nutrients but you also get fiber, which helps slow the sugar absorption, which is huge. Sugar is the big enemy these days. Just swap out your juice for some actual fruit! Pick up some from a produce stand or farmer’s market. There’s something lovely about knowing that a farmer likely picked that piece of fruit just a day or so ago.

Or maybe you drink coffee. Me too. What do you put in it? I used to add french vanilla creamer cuz it was SO GOOD. But then I noticed the sugar content. Ouch. Lately I’ve just been doing 1 tbsp of organic unflavored creamer. And I buy good quality coffee, and a trusted coffee maker. Delicious! And I’m not starting my day with a bucket of sugar.

Or! Do you thoroughly enjoy alcohol? (Guilty. Hey, if somebody sends a round of tequila shots to the stage at a Sweet Leda show, somebody’s gotta drink ’em, right?!) What do you drink? Let’s say you do raspberry vodka with club soda. Try switching out that flavored vodka for regular vodka, and just mash up a few raspberries. Flavored vodkas, rums, etc have soooo much extra sugar. A real raspberry tastes and feels way better than fake raspberry flavoring anyway!

Change Your Toast and Topping

Instead of a bagel with cream cheese, try a toasted slice of sweet potato with almond butter. Or sprouted grain toast with mashed avocado. A simple swap. But if you compare the nutrients and health benefits side by side, it’s a no-brainer. When you fill yourself up with good nourishing food compared to a bagel based on refined grains, you will lose weight!

I hope you enjoyed some of these ideas! Let me know what swap you were able to try and how it went. If you have a great change that you’ve made lately that didn’t take a lot of extra effort, comment below so that others can learn from you! And click here if you’d like some healthy dessert/snack/breakfast options sent straight to your inbox!