I do NOT enjoy a salad with big chunks of raw kale. It’s just too earthy. But there’s a secret that some restaurants obviously don’t know about—the sensual kale massage. Yep that’s right! If you give your kale a quick sensual massage, it will soften right up and gets a lot yummier and easier to eat.

  1. Pull kale leaves off of the stems. Tear into pieces.
  2. Drizzle on some good-quality olive oil and sea salt or pink salt. Now…massage with your hands! You’ll feel the kale get softer, and you’ll see it turn to bright green instead of dull green.
  3. Now add whatever you want! Go seasonal. I like to do onion, pomegranate, walnut. Or orange, pumpkin seed, and cilantro. Or apple, celery, pecan.
  4. Time for the dressing! No need to buy dressing anymore. Just mix good quality olive oil with something else. Try mixing olive oil with fresh squeezed lemon or orange. Maybe add cinnamon? Ginger? Play around with flavors. Try mustard/oil/honey. Try balsamic vinegar/oil/honey. If you think you used too much olive oil already, just squeeze on some fresh lemon or orange juice or vinegar. Add zest too, if you’d like.