One of my favorite people gave me one of my favorite recipes! Teresa is a personal trainer and healthy chef. Check out her Facebook page here for The Power of Healthy Eating! I love a good recipe combo of healthy and easy and quick, and this is exactly that.


Throw this stuff into a food processor:

-15 pitted Medjool dates (sometimes they’re not pitted so I always check)

-2 tbsp almond butter or cashew butter. Use sesame seed butter if you have a nut allergy

-1 scoop protein powder, optional

Note: if dates are hard, soak them in hot water for a few minutes.

1. Pulse and then just blend for a bit. Then I like to add about 2 tbsp water, and mix again. A dough will form. You can adjust as needed by adding more dates or more nut butter. [If you soaked your dates first, you might not need to add water later]

2. Unplug the processor and remove blade. Ok now we’re safe! Roll the dough into little balls. You can then roll them in stuff like shredded coconut and/or cacao nibs if you’d like. But you don’t have to! Store in a container in the fridge. They keep fresh for about 5 days.

Note: dates are high in natural sugar, so don’t eat them all in one sitting! They’re rich and filling so you won’t need to eat a lot at once. Eat just a few a day.

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