This isn’t a recipe but it’s an idea. A suggestion. It’s so simple but how many of us are doing it?

Infuse your water with good healthy stuff. You’ll soak up the health benefits from the herbs/veggies/fruit, and your water will also taste better, so you’re more likely to drink it. I have no trouble polishing off a bottle of red wine in a couple hours, but it takes me two days to drink that volume of water! Do ya feel me?? Ah well.

  1. Get a glass jar or water bottle. Maybe one of those cute Mason jar glasses. Ya know how wine and whiskey taste better out of a glass? So does water!
  2. Throw in some yummy things, fresh or frozen. Try a few halved strawberries and some basil leaves. Or sliced cucumber and mint leaves. Add some fresh lime juice, perhaps. Switch it up!
  3. Let it sit in the fridge overnight. After a day or two, your water will be awesome. Ta-da! Chug a lug