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What is health coaching?

I started working one-on-one with people who want to learn how to start a newer, happier, healthier life. We all know we should eat healthy, but how do we get started? There is so much info out there! How do we distinguish between good information and the propaganda? Are you tired of trying new diets every year? Are you hoping to eat healthier but feeling like you don’t know where to start? Are you excited to make some changes but feeling stressed due to your busy schedule? Let me help you! Send me a message and we can talk about how my coaching program could help.

Check out some recipes!

Beet and Orange Salad

Why beets? Cuz they're so pretty! And they're great for your liver and heart. They're cancer-fighters, too. Have problems with high blood pressure? Try eating some beets or drinking beet juice! I made this recipe up basically cuz I wanted to see these colors together....

Turkey Zucchini Burgers

These burger bites are a go-to here at the Hormek household. They're quick, delicious, they make great leftovers, and they contain veggies! We don't eat them on buns; we just pop 'em on the plate. They're so juicy! Gluten free, paleo Ingredients 1 zucchini, washed but...

Sweet Potato Smoothie

How did I end up making this? So my friend Brittany texted me "hey I have a huge bag of chopped sweet potatoes and I know exactly who to give them to." ME! Aren't I so lucky?! She works for a great company that provides produce to restaurants and food stores. So...

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6 Health Tips for the New Year

Hello sweet friends and Happy New Year. This is a special time of year; I believe people are a little more open to change than usual. This is a GREAT time to think about your health goals for the week, month, and year! Let me help you get started. Here are a few...

One of the Best Ways to Eat Healthier

A Day Off! I finally have a day off! No gigs this weekend. What was the first thing I wanted to do today? (Besides coffee.) I wanted to write a blog. I wasn't sure of what to write about until my mother-in-law Dorothy sent me a video. And it totally reminded me of...

How to treat yourself without guilt

I need a treat! “I’m trying to eat healthy but today was rough. I deserve a treat!” “My kid worked hard today. She deserves a treat!” “I didn't choke anyone at that meeting today. I deserve a treat!” Sound familiar? (Welcome to blog 4!) We all deserve treats, damnit!...